How to hide comments

If your friends or co-workers put an unwanted comment on your Facebook timeline.

You can delete the comment on Facebook or hide it so that nobody can see it.

If you are tagged in a Facebook post, you can remove the tag so it’s no longer associated with you.

If someone posts something inappropriate or harassing on your timeline or elsewhere, you can report it to Facebook.

To hide a comment from a post on your Page:

  1. Hover over the comment.
  2. Click  and select Hide Comment.

To delete a comment from a post on your Page:

  1. Hover over the comment.
  2. Click  and select Hide Comment.
  3. Click Delete.

After you hide a comment, you also can ban the person or Page or report the comment if it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.

How to Delete a Comment on Facebook

To delete a comment on Facebook, whether it’s one that you posted or one someone posted on

your timeline or in response to one of your posts, click or tap the “…” menu next to the comment.

To remove a post from Facebook, click or tap “Delete.” Facebook asks you to confirm that you want to remove the comment permanently.

If you agree, it is deleted from the 

How to Make Comments Private on Facebook

1.Sign in to your Facebook account, click the drop-down arrow next to the Home tab, and then click “Privacy Settings.”

2.Scroll down and click the “Edit Settings” link in the “Timeline and Tagging” section. The “Timeline and Tagging” box opens.

3.Click the audience selector button next to the “Who can see what others post on your timeline” section.

Scroll down the audience selector menu that opens and select “Custom” to open the “Custom Privacy” box.

4.Click the drop-down arrow in the “Make this visible to” section and select “Only Me.” Click the “Save Changes” button.

You’re now the only person capable of viewing comments added to your timeline.

How to hide comments when printing in Word 2013

  1. Open your document in Word 2013.

2. Click the File tab at the top-left corner of the window.

3. Click Print in the left column.

4. Click the Print All Pages button under Settings.

5. Select the Print Markup option to clear the check mark.

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